Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Architectural Views

These are just a few pictures of architectural details that I have photographed at various times. All were appealing for one reason or another. The photo on the left was taken at the ruins of Brick House Plantation on Edisto Island, SC. The bottom part of the photo is part of the house's foundation.
This circular stair was discovered at La Sainte Chapelle in Paris. If you look down the center of the stairwell it appears to go on forever.
Part of the foundation of El Dorado Plantation near McClellanville, SC.

Old stairs leading to the second floor of a Huguenot refugee's house in London. Note the wear on the stairs. How many feet have passed over these stairs?
Tower of London

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  1. All your photos were amazingly beautiful buy I do think that I love the brick foundation the most. It's these photos I appreciate most. Oh the stories they keep, so many secrets.

    Really like how the Tower of London was photographed. Well done.