Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Truck, a Few Deer, and a Horse

Does anyone care to identify the make, model, and year of this vehicle for me? Who left it here? How long ago did they abandon this truck?  She (yes, I call all cars "shes") is sitting just off an old abandoned road on the  property and I've enjoyed seeing her for a number of years now. Some might say that she should be hauled off, but I think she adds to the scenery. She has been here much longer than I have and could perhaps be called another ghost of the property. The woods and swamp appear to have accepted her, and who am I to change that? I was riding Haley along the abandoned road one afternoon when she came to a dead stop. I
 looked on the ground for a snake or something else that might have disturbed her, could not find anything, and decided to make her continue. I looked up and spied a momma deer with two of her offspring grazing right by this truck. Haley and I sat and watched them for about five minutes or so until they startled and ran off. Haley had not moved a muscle until that point, but when they moved on, she promptly continued her walk down the road!

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  1. It sorta out there in the boondocks isn't it? I mean, how did it get there all those many years ago? Was there a road there that at some point someone used? Did someone knock someone out and left them there--out there---where no one would find them? There are many questions one can ponder on this. Your shots were beautiful.