Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Horrid Creature

After discussing my favorite neighbor and his fire ants, I thought I'd bring up something else that bothers me at this time of the year. Ticks are everywhere! I am currently removing an average of two ticks every single day.

These are the ticks that I have been removing, but there are several types of ticks which cause lyme disease. Remember the bull's eye rash is only one of the symptoms. You can contract the disease and not have this symptom. Do an internet search and identify the lyme carriers in your area! Know the different symptoms!


  1. I'm following you back from Follow Friday. Sorry I'm a little late.

  2. I had lymes a couple of years ago--never saw a tick, or any rash...just ended up with achy joints for two months before they discovered what I had. Crazy, but they told me I was not unusual--90 percent of people with it do not remember having a tick bite!

  3. Well, since I am pulling them off, hopefully, I will not get lymes! Glad that yours was diagnosed Thanks for reading!