Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Have Mail! (and the National Debt)

I have figured out how to pay off our national debt! 

It's really quite simple. Every day I receive a number of requests from lawyers telling me that a long lost relative has left his estate to me, from people who wish to offer me business opportunities which will bring me millions, and from people who just want my password to forward me money. I propose to accept these emails and give these funds to the government to pay down the debt. I may not be able to do this entirely on my own. At least one or two of you have to volunteer to do the same. Could you imagine that? No more debt. At that point, we could spread this movement to even more people and then we could start paying off the debts of other countries. No more debt in the world.....and it would only take several people and several days worth of email. Oh, yes, I also have some ocean front property in New Mexico to sell you...


  1. Missie,
    I think you should notify the government of your plan, who may get a response:)
    By the way, check my blog, I left an award for you!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you, Peggy, and thanks for my award! I love it! I am envious of you for your grandchildren! I do not have any yet...