Thursday, May 6, 2010


According to, impatience is defined as "annoyance because of delay, opposition, etc." or "restless eagerness to do something, go somewhere, etc." Thunder is the epitome of impatience. There is not a patient bone in this horse's body. From the moment he awakens in the morning until he settles in for the night, he spends his time thinking about himself, his comfort. and how quickly his needs and desires are being satisfied (and I am never quick enough). He paws the ground and fence while waiting for his morning and evening food, while being groomed and tacked, and while being asked to stand still. Thunder has to be the first one to go out in the pasture, to be brought in from the pasture, and to get his food. If the horses are in a group, Thunder cannot stand to see you paying any attention to another horse; he will push and shove his way until he is in the front and his desires are being met. If he gets the opportunity, he will literally push himself into the feed room to inform you that he is still waiting for his food (even though only six seconds have passed by).  I have often thought that I could loan him out to help teach others about how irritating their impatience can be. 


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  3. How funny! I have a Pomeranian who is the exact same way. :0) But, I guess we are all a little impatient, and jealous, at times.

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  4. Perhapsit's the name? You should have named him Serenity--LoL!!!

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    As a child we had horses and to this day they are my favorite animal. Loved your pictures.