Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beliefs and Convictions

Joan of  Arc was burned at the stake on this date at Rouen in 1431. It made me wonder how many of us are as committed as she was in her beliefs. This led me to thinking of my Huguenot ancestors who left France because they refused to practice Catholicism. I have always been in awe of their courage and of their beliefs. Basically, they only had a few choices: convert to Catholicism and remain in France; remain in France worshiping in secret and die if caught; or migrate to another country where they could worship as they believed. I wonder what we would do if we were given the same  choices that they were given. I have a feeling that most of us would convert to Catholicism and not give it much more thought. Most of us probably would reason with ourselves that both religions believe in God, so it's okay. But is it? How many atheists are firm enough in their convictions to rebel and refuse to join the church? What has made the difference between the current generation and the generation of the Huguenots? I believe that few of us would leave our precious money, possessions,and family to escape to a fairly uncivilized country and start over. Is there anything that you are willing to commit to that completely?

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