Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the Love of Animals?

Okay, I take in stray cats, dogs, horses, and any other creature that needs help. Water moccasins are welcome to stay on the property as long as they do not get in my way, but there are some animals where I just have to draw the line. I have a neighbor who lives down by the mailbox who has a heart of gold and who would not hurt a flea (literally). Each week he goes dumpster diving for food for himself and animals. One thing that he has always done which both irritates me and fascinates me is his feeding of the fire ants. Carefully check the picture above. You will see a potato that he has not only given them but peeled and cut for them. Near the top of the picture are several banana peels next to the unopened bag of dried beans. I am surprised that he did not cook or at least soften the beans for the little creatures. In case you are worried, he does bring spoiled deli items to our yard for the dogs and cats and tries to put rotten apples and other fruit in with the horses. Of course, these are still in their plastic containers and bags. I just bite my tongue and pick up the garbage! Does anyone else know someone who feeds fire ants?

1 comment:

  1. I cannot imagine! Basic insanity? Lack of nerve endings? Those critters hurt when they bite!I don't miss them at all!