Tuesday, June 22, 2010

50 Things I Look for in a Man

I wanted an easy-to-write topic this week, so I decided to tackle the first of this week's writing assignments from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop. My first thought was that this will be so simple, but it's not. It may be one of the hardest thing I have ever written. It is also apparent that an entire essay could be written about each one! I completed my list, Mama Kat, but fifty is extremely hard if the subject is taken seriously! Therefore I give you merely a list to contemplate:

    The ideal man (who would possess all of the things that I look for in a man) is someone who...
    1. has eyes that allow me to see deeply into his soul and he needs to have the courage to look deeply into mine 
    2. is honest to a fault; there is no excuse for dishonesty
    3. makes me feel secure emotionally
    4. makes me feel secure mentally
    5. makes me feel secure physically
    6. will stand up for me no matter who he has to stand up to or how much it costs him
    7. is thoughtful enough to remember birthdays, holidays, etc., and realizes that it is the thought that counts
    8. is capable of great laughter and the ability to make me smile and laugh even if there is no money for food or gas for the car
    9. I can trust enough to put my life in their hands
    10. does not mind sitting in a boring hospital room visiting me if needed
    11. respects me and whom I can respect
    12. values my opinion and whose opinion I value
    13. cares for animals; if you cannot care for an animal, then your heart is not big enough for me
    14. loves me with all his heart and soul and allows me to love him with all my heart and soul
    15. gives me the freedom to be who I am
    16. is both patient and kind
    17. believes in something greater than himself
    18. realizes that money and possessions are not everything
    19. will love me when I am old and gray and can only sit and rock in my chair
    20. is confident enough to express his own opinions 
    21. is willing to work out problems and not just ignore them.
    22. would drive miles just to see me
    23. is both gentle and strong
    24. will let me take care of him and will take care of me
    25. has a deep love for music
    26. makes me feel of value
    27. will always be able to talk to me and to whom I will always be able to talk
    28. does not make excuses for his actions and takes responsibility for his actions
    29. takes pride in his work and finishes what he starts
    30. pushes me when need be, holds me back when need be, and allows me to do the same for him
    31. understands that I am not perfect
    32. appreciates my intelligence
    33. genuinely listens to me and actually remembers what I've said
    34. will talk to me so that I can really listen to him
    35. loves his job no matter what that job is
    36. is not critical of others or judgmental
    37. does not laugh at the misfortunes, flaws,weight, or looks of others
    38. is capable of loving me and allowing me to love them
    39. can make my stomach do flip-flops even after I've known him for years
    40. appreciates reading and doesn't think I'm wasting my time
    41. feels free enough to cry in front of me or hold me while I cry
    42. is willing to take chances and risks on occasion
    43. can think creatively and understand my creativity
    44. allows me my idiosyncrasies, such as bottle and mandela trees and my "hippie" tendencies
    45. is willing to both give me my freedom and restrain me
    46. expects only the best from me and gives me only his best
    47. I can trust in all things
    48. shares his hopes and dreams with me and listens to mine
    49. knows how to put the toilet seat down and has a decent aim! (I had to say it; I had no choice; it's the worst thing about raising a boy!)
    50. will allow me to do all the above for him (except #49!)
    As usual, comments (both positive and negative) are always welcomed and encouraged. However, we bare our souls in some of our entries and don't wish those souls to freeze.


    1. Very interesting! The man would be too perfect for me and that would stunt my growth as a woman.

    2. We all need to know for sure what we want, what we will accept, and what we will not, under any circumstances put up with!

      Great list. Mine is rather short: honesty, integrity, sense of humour, loves to smooch me all the time!

    3. I don't know if I could find 50. The main one for me is simple, let me be me.

    4. Ah, but there is plenty of room for him to have flaws! I noticed that most of these dealt with items that cannot be seen. If I am truly free to love him, I accept those little flaws, but these major ones....that's a tough one. True, not everyone has all of them! In a good relationship, you both grow together and not separately. That touches on what you said, Rue, and smooching isn't that bad, lol!

    5. We had many of the same things on our list! I am so with you on number 49 cause I am raising two boys. Thanks for stopping by!