Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farriers and Horses and Charles Dickens

Isn't this a wonderfully unbecoming photo of my farrier trimming the unbroken beast's hooves? Last time Sunshine spent her time being absolutely horrible, but this time she was very good! Of course, as you can see, she does not have much room to move! 
 Sunshine was definitely not overjoyed at the prospect, but I was very proud of her.  She has also improved with "being caught." Now Sunny walks around when she spies the halter, while I walk along near her without paying her any attention. After about three minutes, she will turn around on her own, walk up to me, and put her head down to be haltered! So progress is being made!
          Thunder also behaved rearing this time, and of course, Haley was perfect!
Oh, and before I forget, Charles Dickens died 140 years ago today (1870). Dickens has always been one of my favorite authors. Perhaps its time to revisit one of his novels...


  1. Hello! What beautiful horses! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, so glad to have found your blog. Have a wonderful evening!


  2. Your hooved-friends are gorgeous!

    I'm a Dickens fan too!