Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teaser Lines from The Swan Thieves

Teaser lines:
I can't really describe my first impression, except that it had made me give a little scream out loud before I could stop myself, because it was a vision of a woman everywhere, a woman spread across the surfaces of the attic in small parts and versions, repetitions - dissected, cut into pieces, although without blood. Her face I knew already, and I saw it dozens of times around the room, smiling, serious,  painted in different sizes and different moods.
      -taken from Elizabeth Kostova's The Swan Thieves, p.142-143.
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  1. Wow, you have been doing some serious reading! The Necessary Sins, looks really interesting to me--I have it jotted down to go pick up!
    Hope all is well there-summer is so busy here I have to sneak time to check my blogs!!

  2. My summer isn't going to be busy, Peggy, until about the middle of July. Then it's going to be packed until September! I have been doing a lot of reading, but I was an English teacher, so it's an addiction! Take care! I think you would find Necessary Sins quite moving.

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  4. An avid reader. So is it worth the read?

  5. I'm halfway through the novel and am loving it. I also loved her novel The Historian even though I am tired of hearing about Dracula!