Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horses and Heat

I was complaining yesterday about the heat (at 3 pm, it was 98.6 outside with a "real feel"of 107) and how much I hated summer, but the horses were really the ones suffering. After their morning breakfast, I turned the three beasties out into the pasture and kept a careful eye on their water supply all day. Now these horses are reasonably spoiled. When they are turned out to pasture, they still have access to their paddock and to their individual stalls. They have plenty of water. 

The pasture area itself is about 50% straight sun and about 50% shade (under pine, evergreen, gum trees). Within minutes of being turned out, all three were dripping wet! And they stayed wet all day! 
 Immediately upon returning to the barn area for her evening meal, I shot this picture of my very "clean" horse. Haley hit the paddock soaking wet and went to her favorite spot to roll.

 I don't even think I am going to try to brush her - I'll just turn the hose on her and give her a bath!


  1. My mother owns horses as well, beautiful creatures. But boy do they sweat! You have some gorgeous ones there! Thank you for sharing your photos.
    Stay Fabulous

  2. We had horses growing up and I remember how those hot days were--luckily our pasture ran up against a river so they spent a lot of time by the water. Unfortunetly there were the horse flys to contend with--they were terrible!!