Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memories and Hurricanes

For some reason while I was walking on the property today, I was swept back to about three days before Hurricane Hugo struck the SC coast. At that point, no one knew where it would hit, and I was not terribly concerned (after all, I grew up with hurricanes). But that morning taking my son to kindergarten, I noticed the beauty in the oak trees on our way. The SC low-country is blessed with many of these moss-laden treasures, but that morning they seemed especially beautiful. Nature is fragile and we never know when she will change. After Hugo struck, that particular view was gone forever. So as I walked, I noticed views that I would miss terribly if nature or life changed: 

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  1. What lovely pictures. I so understand when you express this as "swept back"-that seems to happen more and more as we get older...