Saturday, June 26, 2010

Missed Connections?

Computers have really taken over everything in this world. One thing that society had become accustomed to seeing in our daily newspaper was the personal ads where all sorts of people try to hook up with all sorts of other people who go by strange code names Now the computer appears to have taken over this task also. 

Craig's List has their version of these personal ads and one category provides quite interesting reading. When those odd moments occur that need to be filled with an activity, try reading these. Besides writing a catchy ad, the writer has to provide a catchy title. The ones below have been taken from the Missed Connections section and from several different cities (spelling is as found and response info is omitted):

Cute Navy boy at Save A Lot today
My Lord you were fine. :) You left before I had the chance to check you out a little more, but I know you totally saw me eying you. If you noticed, and you see this, tell me what kind of car I was in or what color it was. :) 
Cute Hippie Chick at Whole Foods
I saw you in the floral dept you helped me pick out the nicest boquet. You were so cute with your glasses and long brown hair pulled back in a low messy pony tail. I couldnt help but wonder if you were single, if so please let me know. Even if you arent, Id still really like the chance to chill with you, you seemed like a really rad chick.

Guy with scruff at Panera Bread

Friday afternoon was eating lunch at Panera Break in KOP with a friend, probably around 1:30PM. I was facing towards the register and you were waiting for your food. I think you may have had a green t-shirt on, great looking guy with some scruff. We caught eyes a few times, but I'm not sure if it was coincidence, or if you were as interested in me as I was in you. I was wearing a city sports shirt. Hit me up if it WAS you, and maybe we can grab a sandwich together and chat!
 Bald man...goatee.....dark blue shirt light khaki shorts

I saw you as I pulled into parking lot behind crickets in sayville....I think you went into Sayville Pizza....then saw you from the diner in a white convertible I passed you , you gave me a big smile.....I should have followed you, but was meeting someone....didnt think it was the right thing to I want to kick myself...I was driving a dark blue Dodge Durango. I have dark brown hair...was wearing a black V-neck tee....and black sunglasses.....the time was about 7:40-7:45 Friday evening June 18th. Please contact me....dont want to pass up on a missed opportunity.

You, with the bike, at the pier

I think you are the one. You have silvery hair, riding a black bike, asking about the 'FUV boat cruise. You told me you were from Alabama and Chappaqua. What color dress was I wearing?
So the moral of all of this is that you really should check Craig's List daily to see if you have missed that wonderful person OR at least for some entertaining reading!


  1. Very interesting. Curious to know if any connections were made?

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower from FF - love your blog! Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin